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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ricoh DOCutivity. What can it do for you

The first step toward lower cost is figuring out what you already spend on document input, output, and management. Unfortunately, it may be more than you think. That is why Milne Office Systems begins every customer engagement with a DOCutivity analysis.

DOCutivity is Ricoh's exclusive process for uncovering hidden costs and improvement opportunities. Based on the results, a DOCutivity analysis helps us recommend a solution that can dramatically reduce your cost of ownership and streamline document workflow.

Do you know how many output devices are on and off your network? What about usage patterns, total output volume, and per page cost for each device? Can you easily perform accurate charge backs to internal departements or clients?

These costs escape scrutiny because they're often difficult to capture or hidden entirely - not because they're insignificant. many organizations simply lack reliable enterprise-wide methods of measuring document-related assets, activities, processes, and the actual costs they generate .

Even when costs are in plain sight, the underlying causes may not be. Some costs are buried in system downtime, IT support, and inefficient deployment of printers and other assets. When hundreds of input, storage, and output devices are being used by thousands of workers, it can be very difficult to extract, consolidate, and interpret useful data.

DOCutivity: A proven process for improving productivity

Rioch's DOCutivity assessment process uncovers hidden costs and improvement opportunities. Based on your enterprise goals, current IT infrastructure, and specific business process requirements, a DOCutivity will recommend a solution that leads to:
  1. Dramatically reduced total cost of ownership
  2. Improved quality and streamlined processes
  3. Increased productivity of assets and people
Why Choose DOCutivity?

It''s outcome-focused
. Milne Office Systems approaches document management by first understanding your business perspective. But unlike reports from consultants that provide only recommendations, DOCutivity produces an actionable blueprint for Ricoh to design, implement, and support the solution.

It's IT friendly
. DOCutivity analysts and designers work with your IT organization to help leverage your current IT infrastructure - taking into account service, support, network administration, and Web-based remote monitoring.

It's scalable. A DOCutivity analysis may be applied at departmental, facility-wide, or enterprise levels depending upon your immediate requirements.

It helps you to manage. DOCutivity recommendations provide the means to manage document costs-including financial metrics, user - and device-level reporting, tools for cost accounting and charge backs, and streamlined procurement processes.

See what a DOCutivity can do for your business. Contact us today to book an appointment.
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