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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Your paper hates humidity too!

Copier jamming is one of the biggest frustrations in an office environment.

Unknown to many office workers is the fact that humidity is a major cause of jamming. Humidity disrupts the integrity of the paper, reduces its strength, and strongly inhibits copy quality. Humidity in your office can cause paper being stored in a supply closet or in the copier drawers themselves to become damp, therefore, making the paper thicker which can cause jamming. If you hold the paper in your hand you really can’t tell it’s damp by the touch, but it is.

Its easy to determine if humidity is the cause of your problem. Look at the paper loaded in your cassette if it appears to be uneven or lumpy and bumpy discard it for this is an immediate paper jam. Also old paper that has absorbed humidity and dried out again is also useless. If you pick up a ream of paper sometimes you can actually tell if it’s damp because it feels a little heavier than a dry ream. This is one indicator that you may have a humidity problem in the office.

Paper can be ruined in as little as two hours time if the copier is not located in a climate controlled office or if you live in such a place as the West Coast where rain and humidity are commonplace. I recommend only loading enough paper in your cassettes for one day. In humid climates keep your opened packages of paper sealed in a plastic bag. Keep your cases of paper always with the lid on for the cardboard acts as a moisture barrier.

If you have this problem here are some ideas for being proactive with the issue:

1) Put a dehumidifier in the office. This will greatly reduce the amount of humidity in the air.

2) If you open a ream of paper try to reseal it as best as possible. Rather than open an entire end of the package as the package indicates just make a small slit and pull the paper out as needed. If possible put the leftover paper (still in the plastic that you made the slit in) back in the box it came in for storage.

3) Keep boxes (sometimes called cases) off of the ground. Put them on a shelf or on some type of pallet to keep them off the ground where there tends to be more moisture.

4) Try not to fill the copier drawers with paper if it isn’t going to be used within the next couple of days. Paper that sits inside the copier drawers will soak up humidity because the copier drawers are not airtight.

I hope these tips help, but if you are still experiencing paper jams, feel free to contact our service department.

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Did you know Milne Office Systems has in-house leasing?

Leasing with us is easy...

Milne Office Systems customers truly have the convenience of "one stop shopping". Not only will our knowledgeable sales team outfit you with the best solution for your business, but we offer an in-house financing solution too! With nearly 20 years of leasing experience, and hundreds of Milne Leasing Customers, Milne Office Systems has the knowledge and experience to find the best solution for you.

With the completion of a simple finance application, our team can have your new system in your hands in far less time than with traditional financing.

Just think, you can now realize the cost benefits of your new system almost instantly!

Some of the benefits of Leasing with Milne:

  • It offers fixed rate financing; you pay at the same rate monthly.
  • Leasing is inflation friendly. As costs go up, you still pay the same amount as when you began your lease, therefore making your dollar stretch farther.
  • There is less upfront cash outlay; you don’t need to make large cash payments for the purchase of needed equipment.
  • Leasing better utilizes equipment; you lease and pay for equipment only for the time you need it.
  • There is typically an option to buy equipment at end of lease term.
  • You can keep upgrading; as new equipment becomes available, you can upgrade to the latest models each time your lease ends
  • Typically, it is easier to obtain lease financing than loans from commercial lenders.
  • It offers potential tax benefits depending on how the lease is structured.
Call us today for more information, one of our qualified leasing specialists will be happy to help you!
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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Why You Should Invest in a Ricoh Wide Format Digital Imaging System

Wide-format devices are moving from print-for-pay shops into the office. By adding an affordable wide-format device to your office, even the smallest business can present itself in the same polished style as a Fortune 500 company. With Ricoh’s wide range of Wide Format Devices you are in complete control over your print jobs. Not only will you notice improvements in your current business process, but you’ll save money and reduce waste by printing what you want when you want.

Have you ever considered buying a wide format printer? Here are some reasons why investing in a wide format printer means investing in the future of your company:

Make a Statement: Sometimes bigger is better! Whether you are printing a floor plan, a map or a blueprint, a larger print allows you to get your message across clearly. Important details will be hard to miss.

Convenience: No more waiting in line, no more long turnaround times, no more travelling back and forth to the printers. Print or scan what you want, when you want, with the quality you’re looking for. A wide format system allows you the freedom to have print shop quality at your fingertips.

Cost Effective: Tired of paying exorbitant fees at the printer? Are courier charges adding up? Are you tired of paying your employees to miss time at work to drive back and forth to the printer? Owning a wide format system will get rid of these extra costs. Not only will you notice a return on your investment in very little time but you’ll see an increase in productivity around your office!

Capture, Share & Save: Convert hard copy documents into an electronic workflow. All of Ricoh’s Wide Format Systems are equipped with colour scanning and a host of Scan-to functionality. These systems are high productivity tools that can help you work smarter, collaborate easier and share faster.

Reduce Waste: Not only can you print what you want when you want it, but now you can reduce waste by previewing document thumbnails on the full-colour touchscreen before printing or after scanning. Did you send the wrong document to the system? Did you scan the same document twice? No problem, just delete it using the large brightly lit easy-to-use LCD control panel and start again. No need to waste paper and toner!

Go Paperless: Simplify accessibility and distribution by storing documents on the Document Server and viewing them on the control panel or your PC as needed. No need to take up space around the office with old wrinkled, discoloured documents. Preserve business paper documents electronically in an organized file system and distribute them with ease.

Security: Is your document confidential? How can you guarantee security when your document leaves your hands and is left in the hands of strangers at the printers? Ricoh Wide Format Systems are equipped with advanced security features including Windows Authentication and PDF Encryption, to keep your documents safe at every stage of printing and distribution.

Convinced? Owning a Ricoh Wide Format System presents endless possibilities. For more information, contact one of our Wide Format Specialists today or visit the Ricoh Wide Format Section of our website!
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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Introducing the Ricoh Aficio MP C305SP - Make fast work of all your document related tasks.

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Milne Office Systems is proud to introduce the newest member of our colour multifunction fleet. The Ricoh MP C305SP offers advanced print, copy and scan functions all from one single compact system. Designed to replace several single-function devices, this innovative multifunction product helps to improve workflow, while its small footprint saves valuable office space.

The MP C305SP features a tiltable and customizable 4.3” colour touch panel which makes it extremely easy to operate. Businesses can customize the home screen by inserting a company logo and changing icons to give their employees a more personal experience, while full front access eases operation and maintenance.

The Aficio MP C305 provides a continuous speed of 30 colour or B/W pages per minute. Optional extra paper trays make frequent refills no longer necessary. This system prints on a wide range of formats (A4, A5, A6, B5, B6, Letter and Executive) on plain, special and recycled paper up to 220 g/m2 . Card stock, envelopes, and transparencies can also be used.

Scanning capabilities include colour scanning, and scan to email, folder and USB. The reduce/enlarge scan function adapts the paper size, while the enhanced batch scan feature enables scanning of only the printed sides of one-sided and two-sided mixed originals

The Aficio MP C305SP is one of the latest additions to Ricoh’s advanced range of digital office equipment. Ricoh currently manufactures one of the most extensive line-ups of printers, copiers, faxes and multifunctional devices, as well as advanced software solutions. Here at Milne Office Systems, it is always our pleasure to help you find a digital office solution that works best for you.

For more information on this or any other model in or vast fleet of systems, please contact one of our qualified Digital Imaging Specialists. We would be more than happy to help you!
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