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Thursday, August 02, 2012

Keeping Your Copier Happy!

Today's copiers and printers take a lot of abuse. Whether it's for home use or a large office department they seem to always take a beating. How many times have you witnessed somebody get upset with a copier? It's hilarious at times. Some swear at it, some threaten it, some even kick it! That's no way to treat one of your most useful and overworked friends. Instead of getting mad at your copier, try some of these tips to keep your printing experience running smoothly.

1. Fan the paper before loading it in your machine. Loosening the paper before loading will help avoid paper jams and double sheet feeds.

2. Store toner cartridges flat. Never store a toner cartridge on end. Also, gently shake the toner cartridge box before opening.

3. Check the small scanner glass if you have a line on your copies from the document feeder. A spot on the small scanner glass will produce a line on copies.

4.Don't abuse your machine. Sure Ricoh products are tough and robust but kicking them or slamming doors will not fix your problem. If troubleshooting doesn't fix your problem, call for service.

5. Do not use a regular household vaccum to clean up any toner spill. Wipe up spilled toner with a stretch n dust cloth or something similar and do not rub on the spot.

6. Don't wipe up a toner spill using any kind of liquid

7. Store paper in a climate controlled environment. If your paper must be stored in a non-controlled environment, be sure to bring it to the copier area well before it will be needed. Paper is sensitive to heat and humidity and it must be allowed to stabilize before using it in a printer or MFP.

8. Check the display for maintenance messages. Do not ignore them. Your machine will tell you what's wrong. If you cannot fix it, call for service.

9. Keep your machine free from loose staples, paperclips, thumb tacks or any other bits that can get into the document feeder and cause jamming 

10. Keep your machine dust free. A dusty machine will cause frequent paper jams and lots of frustration. Keep bypass tray closed when not in use and if your machine is located in a dusty area, wipe it down with a dry dust cloth frequently.

Hope these tips help. If you are experiencing a problem with your copier that you just can't seem to fix, give us a call, our service department will be happy to help you!
Posted by Kaisia Cole at 11:00 AM