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Thursday, August 23, 2012

What You Need to Know Before Buying a Folder/Inserter

Purchasing a folder inserter or upgrading an existing one is an important investment for any business and can greatly increase productivity as well as save money. As this is often a large purchase, and one that will undergo excessive use, it can be very important to choose a manufacturer and dealer that has a good reputation for customer service and maintenance. You will always receive the best service and selection on folder inserter machines at Milne Office Systems. The following is a list of items you should consider before buying your new equipment.

Consider the following before you purchase a folder inserter:

Frequency Range of Folding

How often do you plan on using this machine? How many forms per hour? This can be an extremely important factor because while some folder inserters are designed to be used continuously, others are only meant to be used occasionally. Some folder inserters can be used for mass mailing purposes, but not all are designed for this degree of use. Find out the monthly duty rating of the machine you want to purchase. Inserting equipment designed for low volume are only built to handle light use, and would inevitably break under constant production. Be sure to choose a folder inserter that will accomodate your specific folding requirements.

Types of Folds

What type of folds do you need this machine to perform? Although some more common folds are pretty much standard for all folders, some will be able to do a larger variety than others. Some of the common folds you may want your equipment to perform are the standard business-letter fold (c-fold), an accordion fold (a-fold), double folds, and single folds. Some folder inserters will have the ability to perform custom folds, and many fold applications are programmable with inserting equipment. Make sure that the machine you are looking at has the folding capabilities you are seeking.

Type of Paper

What kind of paper do you plan to fold? The things to consider about your paper is size, weight and finish. The thickness of the paper, whether thick or thin, can effect the machine that you will need. Also, if you want to fold glossy paper this will require a certain type of folder as well. Paper size is also an important factor. Do you plan on folding mostly letter size documents, legal size documents or larger. All folder inserters will have different capabilities regarding the type of paper they can handle. Be sure to choose an inserter that can accomodate your current and future folding needs.

Type of Envelopes

What type and size of envelope will you be using? Do you plan on using standard size envelopes or larger ones? Depending upon the folder inserter you choose, you may be able to only use up to a certain size envelope. Folder inserter manufacturers also have specifications as to what type of envelopes work best in their inserter machines. Usually you will want to use machine quality envelopes which are also known as commercial envelopes. These would be the most commonly used envelopes in the business community, often being used for sending invoices, self-addressed cards, or order returns. Commercial envelopes will meet specifications for size, weight, flap length, gum and seam type.

Programmable Memory

Will you have reoccuring folding jobs? Companies often find this feature of a folder inserter can be essential to their productivity. Programmable memory makes it possible for the user to record as many programs or "jobs" as the machine allows. This can drastically reduce set-up time and allow for more efficiency overall. If you think this will be important to you, look for programmable memory with multiple memory locations and automatic fold settings.

Intelligent Optical Mark Reading (OMR)

OMR ensures that the appropriate forms are inserted into the right envelope. OMR-equipped models are particularly useful when sending invoices or statements of different page lengths to clients. Although you might not require this feature now, look for models that can be upgraded to OMR in case you need this in the future. A good dealer will be able to help you evaluate your future needs.

Batch Counter

Do you need a Batch Counter? A batch counter is useful because it will prevent the inserter from folding and inserting more sheets than you want. If this feature is important to you, then look for models with batch counters that automatically stop folding once a desired number has been completed. There are also batch counters that are "total counters" that will just tell you how many sheets have already been folded and inserted.

Paper Jams

Make sure to find out how paper jams are handled by the machine you are considering. Better-designed machines will have open access and release rollers for easier clearing of problematic documents and envelopes. Look for a unit with access and step-by-step instructions that tell you where to look for jams as well as how to clear them.

Double Insert Prevention

Some folder inserters have the ability to measure the final envelope package in the insert area, thus preventing a double insertion.


Where are you planning to put your new folder inserter? Certain models of paper folders will work better in different areas. Once you know where you are going to put your new folder inserter, you will know whether you should look for a desktop or floor model. You can also purchase optional carts or stands to allow for mobility and greater versatility of placement.

Materials Testing

Are you unsure of whether or not a machine will be able to fold your documents? Test the folder/sealer equipment with the paper and envelopes that you plan to use. Milne Office Systems offers free material testing before you purchase a machine. Have us test your application to make sure that their equipment will work for you. Not all systems will be as good at handling different kinds of paper and multiple sizes of envelopes.

Lease Options

Do you feel like the folder you need is out of your price range? Sometimes it can be more cost effective to lease equipment rather than buy it all at once. This way you can get the machine you need, and ramp up your productivity immediately. Milne Office Systems has leasing options available for many of the folder inserters we sell. Folder inserters will finish in hours what would normally take you weeks or even months. One of these machines will pay for itself by saving you thousands of dollars in manual labor. Milne Office Systems is your source for the best service and selection on folder inserters.

Contact us today, one of our mailing system specialists would be more than happy to help you find a solution that works best for you!
Posted by Kaisia Cole at 8:45 AM