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DS-64i Folder Inserter

Dependably folds, and inserts up to 20,000 envelopes per month 

Ergonomic in design and suited for any work environment, the DS-64i is a robust folding inserting solution recognized for its reliability and ease of use. At speeds of up to 2,500 envelopes per hour, the DS-64i folding inserting system will prepare your business mailings quickly and efficiently.

The FlexFeed multi-format feeding technology allows you to process all document sizes including inserts, reply forms and return envelopes from a single tray. When combined with our output management solutions (OMS) featuring grouping, sorting, and splitting capabilities, the DS-64i will optimize your mail flow and contribute to significant cost savings.

Contact Image Sensor (CIS) scanning reads a full range of barcodes and optical marks printed on your documents, allowing you to efficiently and securely process variable page documents.

When you automate mail creation with the DS-64i folder inserter, you lower costs, eliminate user error, and ensure that the right document is always sent to the right customer.



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DS-75i Folder Inserter

Fold, insert and seal up to 40,000 envelopes per month

Advanced technology in a compact footprint, the DS-75i is the ideal folding inserting solution for any medium size company. It allows you to quickly and securely process your important business communications.

With the full-page Contact Image Sensor (CIS) scanning technology, the DS-75i can read any type of coding including optical mark, optical character, and 1D and 2D data matrix barcodes. Because the scanner reads the entire area of the page, codes can be printed anywhere on the document and read horizontally and vertically.

The DS-75i can be connected to your network to provide you with access to unique online services such as remote assistance and diagnostics to help you reduce downtime and minimize assembly times. With its large loading and unloading capabilities and many intelligent features, the DS-75i fits perfectly into any work environment.


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Neopost IM-16 Letter Opener

Neopost DS-62 - Milne Office Systems - Winnipeg Manitoba

Is your company growing? Do you need to improve efficiencies? Let Neopost's IM-16 Letter Opener maximize productivity by helping distribute incoming mail faster throughout your organization. Whether processing cheques, orders, invoices or other incoming mail, the IM-16 can easily open all types of envelopes with the touch of a button - saving you time and protecting your valuable documents.

While conventional letter openers can easily damage contents, the IM-16 uses an innovative design to beatly slit one side of the envelope, leaving no sharp boarders. Contents are undamaged and document handling is safe.

With the IM-16, your company benefits from imporved incoming documet processing, providing your staff with extra time to concentrate on other important work. Every company needs to find ways to stay competitive and Neoposts's IM-16 Letter Opener improves your competitiveness by increasing your productivity.

Easy to use - Load your envelopes, press the go button and remove your opened envelope. Its that simple

Superior productivity - Quickly open mixed mail with speeds up to 300 envelopes per minute - without pre-sorting

Best-in-class versatility - Open a range of envelope sizes from No. 10 to flats.

Security - Experience No damaged documents and safely extract contenets with no sharp edges

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Automate Your Output And Mail Management Processes

Neopost DS-62 - Milne Office Systems - Winnipeg Manitoba

It's all about making things simple. PrintMachine simplifies and optimizes the document-creadtion process to dramatically reduce labour costs and deliver documents to customers with greater speed and accuracy

PrintMachine is a one-stop solution that turns corporate data into finished customer statements, invoices, orders, receipts and other important documents.

PrintMachine automates the entire document output management process from creation to printing, distributing, mailing and archiving.

By streamlining your important communications to your customers, conducting business transactions becomes easier and faster.

  • Shorten billing cycles
  • Increase business velocity
  • Reduce production costs
  • Create greater profitability for your company

Key Benefits

  • Create more professional and more informative customer communications
  • Reduce the number of mail pieces you send by grouping and consolidating customer documents.
  • Virtually eliminate waste and high costs of pre-printed forms and envelopes
  • Help mail travel faster through the postal system

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Neopost OMS-100 Output Management Solutions

Neopost DS-62 - Milne Office Systems - Winnipeg Manitoba

From mail creation to distribution, Output management Software simplifies the preparation, processing, output and delivery of your outgoing mail. OMS-100 automates and expidites the entire document management process, dramatically reducing time and labour costs and getting your important mail pieces into your readers' hands quickly and accurately. Easily customize multi-page pieces with personalized inserts to optimize individual communications.

Add barcodes to intelligently collate, fold, insert and seal your documents using Neopost's full range of barcode reading Folder Inserters. Improve integrity and security of your document processing while maximizing the impact of your mail with personalized advertising material.

Plug and Play Installation

Easily install and configure MOS-100 software

Easy to Use

Run daily tasks with little training

Personalized Mailings

Build simple or complex personalization criteria by selectively and effortlessly adding flyers or inserts to your mailings

Advanced Mail Integrity

Ensure the integrity and security of your mailing production process. Rest assured the proper documents will always reach the intended recipient


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