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THE alternative in the
mailing equipment industry.

Innovation in today's fast-paced environment requires optimum use of time and resources. Trust Neopost to meet your requirements. Click here to see the Neopost Advantage



The Neopost IJ-40 desktop digital mailing system - Milne Office Systems - Winnipeg Manitoba

Have you ever thought about how important mail still is in our 21st century business environment? Even in today's digital society, mail is still here and it still matters. Because it is real, personal and emotional, mail still creates a strong connection and has a deep impact.

Neopost Canada, strongly believes that mail can help our customers make a difference for their business. That is why they are often considered THE alternative in the mailing equipment industry.

For more than 80 years, Neopost has maintained an industry reputation for exceptional performance, high-quality products and strong customer service built on mutual trust and respect. At Milne Office Systems we work closely with Neopost Canada in order demonstrate the important qualities of initiative, talent and dedication, which allow us to serve our customers better in today's dynamic and fluid business environment.

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