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Shipping Solved!

Cloud computing, software as a service, on-demand software - these terms describe the latest in software and application distribution technology. In this model, customers don't have to buy, install, update, maintain, backup or support the shipping software they use. 2Ship removes the IT burden from your business and allows any authorized user with  internet access to ship on a secure platform from any location.

  • Using different couriers to ship across town, across North America or around the world?
  • What to instantly compare all delivery services on one screen?
  • Want to find the best option based on price and delivery time?
  • Want to print labels, schedule pickups, track shipments and get real-time status updates all from one website?

Meet 2Ship. 2 Ship leverages the power of web-hostng to bring you an all-in-one shipping solution by integrating all your shipping accounts into a single platform

Because 2Ship is web-based, the cost to access the services of multiple couriers is no longer limited to large companies with large budgets. With 2Ship, employees in any organization can easily ship and save money.

Key Benefits

Ship Smart

  • Instantly compare delivery services and prices across couriers to choose the service that best suits your budget and shipping requirements
  • Then, print labels and arrange pick-ups, all from one easy-to-use website

Save Money

  • Find the best price every yime and never overspend on shipping by choosing the wrong service
  • Reporting, reconcilliation and audit features let you track and allocate costs. Avoid paying for shipments billed in error and reconcile all transactions with actual shipments and services received.

Save Time

  • Stop wasting time visiting multiple websites to do your shipping. Ship quickly and easily 24/7/365 through your single 2Ship login
  • Use and update a single addredd book for all couriers and shipments.
  • Track all your shipments across all couriers at once.
  • Automatically send and receive e-mail alerts for instant updates.
  • Never print and file shipping documents again. Get real time access to all your shipment data in a secure online filing cabinet.
  • By comparing shipping services, prices and transit times from all couriers 2Ship empowers your company to make the best logistics decision every time you ship a package or pallet.

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