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Content Central

Document Management - Workflow Automation 


What is Content Central?

Content Central is a browser-based document management solution designed to help both small businesses and larger enterprises become more productive in the office as it relates to the creation, storage, and distribution of documents and other content. The Software application lets users capture, index, retrieve, and manage documents using a standard Web browser.


  • Eliminates the need for a physical inbox and filing cabinet
  • Paper-based and digital documents organized together in one location      
  • Multiple workstations can view the same document at once
  • Faster retrieval times - No re-filing necessary
  • Quick deployment - No client workstation installations required
  • Easily integrated with Microsoft Office applications

About Content Central

  • Browser Based - Enables connections from any workstation on the network (Internet capable). Users access all functions using a standard Web browser.
  • Capture - Scan paper documents using multifunction devices or directly in the Web browser with DirectScan. Capture electronic files of any type via folder, upload, or drag-and-drop in browser.
  • Solution integration with Microsoft Office.
  • Retrieval - Locates the document(s) requested in seconds, using an easy-to-use search engine. Browse through organized folder structures auto-generated in the system.
  • Management - Check-out, edit, append, replace, approve, reject, collaborate, and more , based on administrator defined permissions. Receive instant internal or e-mail notifications based on any number of system events or scheduled lookups
  • Workflow Automation - Simplify business processes using triggers and actions combined to create powerful workflow rules. Configure approval processes to move documents along any pre-defined or ad-hoc path based on system events or schedules.


Is Content Central Right for Your Business?

  • Accounts Payable: Generates purchase orders and other forms. Combines all document types related to a single vendor order using packets. Automatically notifies of complete or incomplete packets
  • Human Resources: Stores employee applications, performance reviews, tax forms and more. Can notify employer and employee when documents reach expiration
  • Education: Manages student documents, such as application, requests, and waivers. Store institutional documents separate from student documents
  • Mortgage: Streamlines the mortgage-packet capture process. Notifies when the required components of the mortgage packet have been captured. Allows single-click distribution of any archived mortgage packet.


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Nuance AutoStore

Turn information into better business decisions

It’s no longer only about what you know - it’s about who else knows it. The future of your business hinges on
how quickly and accurately you can share information and collaborate with customers, coworkers and other
organizations. With Nuance AutoStore from RICOH, you can automate many of the document management
tasks you perform every day. Need to scan an invoice? Store a key contract? Find an important email
attachment? Customize your workflows to capture important paper documents and electronic data from MFPs,
mobile devices, desktops, scanners, websites and more and integrate them into the business applications you
use every day - so you can make faster, more informed decisions that help keep you ahead of the competition.


Move information faster, easier

Information is only worthwhile if you have exactly what you need, when you need it most. Every error or delay is costly. So why not try to reduce them? With Nuance AutoStore, you can automate how you manage paper and electronic documents to reduce manual steps and clerical errors. You can create custom workflows and capture, store and access information automatically - with a single touch of a button.

Use your current devices in a new way

Make the most of your technology investment. Capture paper and electronic documents from Ricoh networked MFPs, FTP sites, Microsoft Office applications and more, and integrate them into the line of business applications you use every day. The documents are scanned and converted to your preferred format automatically with pre configured workflows.

Open up to others and uncover new opportunities

Every person in your organization makes decisions, so make sure they have the information they need. Whether you're sending files via a wide range of scan-to functions, storing it in and electronic database or routing data to SharePoint, you can do it quickly with fewer steps and higher accuracy using Nuance Autostore.

Add real-time decision-making to your daily routine

Don't just keep pace with the competition - stay ahead of it. Get information where it needs to be for key decision-makers. For example, with e-discharge, healthcare providers can completely automate the discharge process to reduce delays, remove expensive and cumbersome paperwork and improve customer satisfaction. And it all begins with a single scan of a patient's wristband.

Keep some information to yourself

You don't need to share everything. Restrict access to sensitive or confidential information to only authorized personnel with user authentication. Add encryption to protect documents while they're distributed. Use password protection to limit who can read the PDFs you send. Encourage audit reporting to support compliance with laws, regulations and other policies. And do it all without compromising existing security infrastructure, including firewalls and data loss prevention investments.


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@Remote Office NX

Intelligent remote management system

What is @Remote?

Wouldn't you like to know how your networked printers and MFPs are being used? With the Ricoh @Remote networked appliance, you can do that and more. Track device usage with pinpoint accuracy, see what systems you're using too much or too little, and identify opportunities to reduce supply costs - all of which enable optimized fleet management and reduced running costs.


  • Increased device uptime
  • Automatic, accurate, timely meter reads and billing
  • Eliminates the need for manual meter collection and reporting
  • Usage reporting for the device fleet is accessible via secure (HTTPS) website
  • Provides usage data to enable you to match device location to work load, optimize efficiency and reduce total cost of ownership

About @Remote

  • The @Remote Office appliance facilitates device management for a networked fleet of Multifunctional products and laser printers
  • Collects and submits meter data on a schedule that meets your needs
  • Intelligent alerts automatically notify service providers of Ricoh devices needing service or toner
  • Enables remote scheduling and completion of individual firmware upgrades
  • Provides access to device utilization via secure web-based reporting portal
  • @remote Office manages up to 100 Ricoh devices and monitors up to 500 3rd party devices.

Major Applications

  • Automates the external communication aspect of device management
  • Eliminates manual meter collection and submission
  • Provides visibility to networked output device population and usage trending
  • Provides Green Reports for Ricoh devices



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ICE (Integrated Cloud Environment)

Cloud computing productivity form your MFP

Take advantage of the versatile and affordable Ricoh Integrated Cloud Environment (ICE) to turn your Ricoh MFP into a powerful on-ramp to the cloud while eliminating prohibitive and technical costs of on-premise software solutions. This affordable service lets you perform a wide range of tasks to accommodate unique document management requirements and provides connectors to many of the most popular cloud solutions. Whether you need to scan and send files to popular web services or print on the go, Ricoh ICE makes it easy with an intuitive interface on the MFP touch screen. Simply click on one of the large icons to communicate with the cloud instantly for exceptional freedom and productivity wherever work takes you.

What is Integrated Cloud Environment?

  • A cloud scanning and cloud printing service that can connect to their other cloud based services
  • Uses Integrated Cloud Environments


  • Reduces the typing burden by converting scanned documents into editable digital files
  • Save document search and processing time with the creation of searchable file formats
  • Scan directly to your favorite cloud services for access to your documents from anywhere - no more lost or forgotten documents while you're on the go
  • No IT services required and no need for ongoing maintenance or software updates
  • 99.9% uptime with zero data loss

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