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DS-95i Folder Inserter

With the need to identify more productive and efficient ways to conduct business, companies are continually looking for ways to streamline the creation of their business critical communications. Quadient’s DS-95i delivers with fast, flexible, accurate mail assembly.

The DS-95i can be customized to your specific requirements with up to seven feeding stations to correctly assembly your most challenging combinations of document sizes and types. Simply add the right module at the right time as your needs change.

All feeders come standard with load-on-the-fly feeding and cascading mode to allow uninterrupted assembly of your mail. Our exclusive Flexfeed© multi-format feeding processes all document sizes including inserts, reply forms and return envelopes from a single feeding tray.

Thanks to its best-in-class scanning technology, the DS-95i can read a variety of document codes that are used to automate variable page mail assembly. Utilizing document coding ensures the right documents are always sent to the right person, eliminating the human error that could result when mail is assembled by hand.

When integrated with our Impress Automate document creation and automation solution, the DS-95i provides you with total control over every step of your mail creation processes.

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