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A SERP-recognized / CASS™ address verification solution providing real-time address correction and validation based on your preferred addressing standards.

Why choose address verification?



Where your customers are and how to reach them

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Operational expenses and postage spending with accurate addresses and fewer returns.

moving fast


Response rates and cash flow by reaching customers the first time.

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Your customer communications are sent to the right recipient, every time.

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Simplify Address Verification

Address Verification meets the highest SERP standards set by Canada Post, correcting and standardizing individual addresses in real-time using the most up-to-date data. To ensure all your addresses are correct, this intuitive application makes address suggestions based on user input, auto-fills addresses to reduce keystrokes, identifies and removes duplicate addresses, then produces a statement of accuracy.

When you have validated that your customer contact list is correct, Address Verification creates the paperwork and print files needed to access Canada Post and USPS postage discounts.

A scalable solution to meet your needs

With a complete range of flexible solutions, Address Verification provides powerful address verification everywhere your business needs it. Our data quality tools are available as multi-platform APIs, plug-ins, and cloud-based SaaS.

For occasional unplanned customer communications, Address Verification offers an on demand solution that gives you the flexibility to validate the accuracy of your address list with the click of a button.

Address Verification on demand options include:

  • Address correction and validation
  • National change of address processing
  • Address geocoding
  • Duplicate address removal
  • All Canada Post machine able and special handling presorts
  • All required Canada Post reports, labels, mailing plans
  • Correction and validation results in print-ready file
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Learn more by downloading the brochure below.